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Theme: Organisms

Go here for a set of notes that you can read online.

Go here for my Prezi on Organisms.




    • O1 Hierarchical structure in organisms




    • O2 Detecting and responding to change
    • O3 Exchanging materials through specialised structures


Energy Flow


    • O4 Energy is obtained in a variety of ways
    • O5 Energy is required to maintain life




    • O6 Asexual reproduction
    • O7 Meiosis and fertilisation




    • O8 Sexually reproducting organisms produced genetically different offspring
    • O9 Not all offspring survive


Human Awareness


    • O10 Altering genetic composition of organisms
    • O11 Controlling aspects of lifestyle


Class Notes:


Presentations: Here are the latest presentations for revision:


O1 Presentation

O2 - O3

O4 - O5

O6 - O7

O8 - O9

O10 - O11



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