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Theme: Macromolecules

Go here for my Prezi on Macromolecules




    • M1 DNA
    • M2 Chromosomes
    • M3 Genes
    • M4 DNA -> mRNA -> Protein
    • M5 Protein's 3D Structure (alternate M5)
    • M6 Polysaccarides and Lipids



    • M7 Base paring for DNA Replication
    • M8 Enzymes
    • M9 Molecular Recognition


Energy Flow

    • M10 Activation Energy and Enzymes
    • M11 Macromolecules as energy stores



    • M12 DNA Replication



    • M13 Universal presence of DNA
    • M14 Comparing DNA and Protein sequences
    • M15 Mutations and their consequences


Human Awareness

    • M16 Human beings can manipulate DNA
    • M17 Human beings can sequence DNA



Class Notes:


PowerPresentations for this unit:


M1 M5 and M6


M2 M7 and M12


M3 and M4


M8 and M10


M9 Presentation


M13 M14 and M15


M16 and M17


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