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M2. The structural unit of information in the cell is the chromosome.


Student Outcome: M2.1

Know that a chromosome is made up of many genes.


A segment of DNA on a chromosome that contains the complete sequence of bases required to direct the manufacture of a protein molecule is called a gene. Even prokaryotes with one chromosome must have many genes - so each chromosome must carry many genes.


Good video which zooms in from a finger to DNA



Student Outcome: M2.2

Explain that each chromosome has genes specific to that chromosome, making it identifiable.



Chromosome 4 (pictured above) contains 203 million bases and is one of the larger human chromosomes. Among the many disease genes it contains is the gene for Huntington's Disease, a rare single-gene disorder.


Source: http://www.ornl.gov/sci/techresources/Human_Genome/graphics/slides/98-1455jpg.shtml


Go here :Making a Karyotype to construct a full set of human chromosomes



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