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M1. The chemical unit of genetic information in most organisms is DNA.


Student Outcome: M1.1


Model the structure of DNA as a double helix made up of a sequence of complementary bases joined by weak bonds. The bases are attached to a sugar phosphate backbone.


Nucleic Acids

Example is DNA - used to store information about the cell's function

    • Discovered in 1953
    • Able to copy itself (self-replicate) and pass information on to daughter cells
    • Made up of numerous nucleotides
    • Each nucleotide is made up of a sugar (ribose), a phosphate group and a base



You can explore the structure of DNA with this interactive animation from PBS called 3D DNA Explorer.


Look at this fairly bland video which helps to explain the structure of DNA:



I can't show you this video, but this is a nice if short one showing the structure of DNA


This is a good video showing the structure of DNA, how it is made and how it used to make proteins. Made by a student. Notice how he thanks his teacher. Also, spot the spelling error!



Go here to a set of DNA Animations I have constructed from a site called DNAi. It is well worth exploring the site anyway.

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