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Theme: Cells

Go here for some basic animations to do with cells.

Here is a famous site by John Kyrk with a number of different amazing animations (e.g. Transcription, Cell anatomy, Evolution) - just awesome.






    • C1 Cells
    • C2 Cell Organisation
    • C3 Cell Membrane and Cytoskeleton




    • C4 Difference between intracellular and extracellular environments
    • C5 Movement of substances across membranes


Energy Flow


    • C6 All cells require energy
    • C7 Obtaining and transforming energy




    • C8 Increasing cell numbers
    • C9 Regulation of cell division




    • C10 Existing cells are products of evolution


Human Awareness


    • C11 Culturing cells
    • C12 Interfering with cell metabolism

Class Notes:



Revision Presentations:

C1 to C3

C4 to C5

C6 to C7

C8 to C9

C10 Presentation



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